More than just a piece of cool art, we are the first Race2Earn Discord game in the NFT space! Your NFT will compete in virtual races where your Mushroom Racer's performance depends on how well their attributes do against generated track conditions. Each participating Racer has the chance to win $SOL, or earn our own $VROOM token, which has utility in the Mushroom Racers ecosystem.


General FAQ

  • 🍄 What are the Mushroom Racers?

    The Mushroom Racers are not only a cool PFP, but also a working Discord game. By holding an NFT you automatically join our regular Discord game. Based on the attributes (such as the Racers’ hand item) your Mushroom Racer performs better or worse in different maps. Winners receive SOL (70% of generated secondary royalties) and our own token $VROOM.

  • 🍄 What is the supply and the mint price? And wen mint?

    The Mushroom Racers contain only 999 NFTs at a cost of 1 SOL each. We will announce the exact mint date very soon.

  • 🍄 Will there be a shroomlist (whitelist) and what are the benefits?

    Yes, to prevent bots and reward active community members, we plan to mint a large part of the supply (maybe even all of it) via shroomlist mint. To increase fun and fairness, mini games are held where users can win WL spots.

  • 🍄 Can I trade my Mushroom Racers on a marketplace?

    Yes! We aim to get listed on a secondary marketplace as soon as possible after mint. As minters ourselves we know how important a fast marketplace listing is.

  • 🍄 Is a DAO planned?

    We plan to activate our Holder Verification within 24 hours after mint. The FungiDAO will play a central role in our project, as it alone decides the frequencey of races as well as the rewards!